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Week 10

I cannot believe that I have been at Hollis + Miller for 10 weeks now.. and that summer is over! But this internship has brought me so much more then learning small tricks in Revit and understanding the detailing language a little bit more. I think that the people and environment have really made this internship what it was. When I worked here over winter break last year I didn’t get to see enough of the firm to appreciate all of the work they continuously do to keep the amazing status. Being fully immersed in the working community helped me to get a glimpse of how great my work life after school can be.

With actual work this week it was a week of waiting. We were waiting to get into the new space of project we started the previous week. The existing building has three separate office spaces currently and one company is taking over the whole space. Eventually later in the week we were able to get into the space and measure everything we needed. I then created an as-built demolition plan in Revit to close our the week.  I wish I could have stayed longer to see this project play out. The specific clients we were talking with from the company had a different idea of how they wanted their new office space to be each time we met. I think it will be a challenging but rewarding project. I am interested in how to work with a client that can be stubborn or not have an open mind of all of the possibilities. I think that I am going to have to keep checking back to see how the progress is coming.

I am thankful for all of my experiences this summer and now I am even more excited to see how I can take this new knowledge back to school and how it will impact my future.


Plug ‘N’ Play Offices Impact Design Culture

This article was very interesting because I have never heard of a Plug ‘N’ Play office before. A plug ‘n’ play office is a space that a startup company can rent to use as their office. The members of the renting company have to only provide technology. Furniture and finishes have already been completed.

I think that this service is a very handy from the consumers point of view. It gets the user into a very modern, workable office space that they did not have to design themselves. The offices also seem to be smaller in size, perfect for a startup. I believe that this type of office would also be easy to sell for realtors. Theses spaces have all of the perfect amenities.

A plug ‘n’ play office, I think, would be hard to design from an architects perspective. There isn’t a defined client, although the trend is more in marketing, advertising and technology. The design field is based on the product the client wants, and with these offices there is no client to specifically tell you “yes” and “no.” Most design oriented careers seem to enjoy more of a modern aesthetic; exposed ceilings, open collaboration spaces, solid wood furniture. All of the previous are also very expensive. Prices poses as another issues, there is not a client to tell you what you can eliminate and what needs to stay. I think that this could be a very interesting project for a new or younger employee at a firm. There isn’t too many constraints, and open to new design trends. I think I would enjoy working on a project of this type.


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Week 4

Week 4 was one of my slower weeks. Although this week I added more chunk of knowledge to the precious tasks that I have completed. This week I got to complete redlines one two different projects. Both of these projects were in the later stages so it was interesting to make changes to 80% CDs. Both of the projects were in the higher education studio so it was interesting to see what other colleges were doing to update their own campus.

One campus was creating a new recreation/ dorm building. I was able to apply materials to the exterior of the building as well as create pattern and texture with materials within the available budget. I have learned that one of the biggest tasks within education is staying within the budget. As designers we like to reach for the stars when it comes to the products we use. The education sector really helps to actually think creatively with how you  make the most of the smaller budget available.

I was able to use a lot of the skills this week that I learned in BCSIA while I was editing the redlines. I remember in class the “new host” button was my savior while remodeling the kitchen and moving appliances around. This button again was my savior for both of the projects.

I am starting to also become more comfortable with everyone in the office. This week lots of treats were brought in so I believe that everyone was on a constant sugar rush all week, boosting the mood.