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JE Dunn Kansas City Office

Hollis + Miller’s Design U at JE Dunn’s downtown KC office proved to help me fulfill quite a few requirements for my blog. The JE Dunn office was amazing. I think the main reason why I was drawn to the design in the beginning was because it’s modern design. This building was finished a few years ago. Most of the interior trends that are used are styles that are still very popular or are up and coming.

The shape and the layout of the building is very simple. It is simply three differently sized rectangles. Each different rectangle serves as a different area for use. I believe that this simple shape proves better then even a square because it decreases the chances of creating a cubicle maze for the employees. Three sectors provide the employees with different avenues of moment and usage. We were able to explore mostly the first floor although I wish I could have seen more of the building.



The finishes were all very industrial. The floor was a lighter wood shade, but the walls were very interesting. There were painted a black color but had perforated metal shields on them. These shields supported various job site and employee images. The images were lit by exposed track lighting. Splashes of color were also used as accent walls walking down the corridor. I think this was very important because I believe that each company’s office space should represent their brand. Company brands are becoming more important and are a great representation for clients that are guests in your building. One particular detail that I really enjoyed was the layout of the lighting. The surface mounted luminaries were places in more of a random pattern then in a specific grid. I believe that this helps with the flow of the room. It is not telling the user to walk in one specific direction at a particular speed. The lighting indicates that guests and employees can meander down the hallway at their own pace and direction enjoying the images on the walls.







This style of lighting also intrigued me because I have seen Hollis + Miller spec lighting very similar in some of our current projects. I was alway curious to see what it looked like once installed. I believe that for a corporate office space, this was the perfect usage for the main traffic hallway.

Another piece of the interiors that I loved were the bathrooms. It was hilarious because a group of girls walked in and the first thing we did was admire the design of the bathroom. It was different and more lively then I have ever seen. The walls had a bright blue and white subway tile with a large green painted cement column at the entrance. A glazed wall with a construction related graphic was also placed near the entrance.

IMG_9780 IMG_9783 IMG_9786

After seeing this new building and understanding more about the JE Dunn business, I believe that the interior of the building reflects the brand in a positive way. The interior has a very sleek industrial look to it with added pops of color and modernism added. These are the styles of projects I hope to work on. They get me excited to be able to get my hands on designing something similar and creating a design that allows employees to be proud of their brand and their company office.


Hilton Resort at Puerto Vallarta

While on my vacation in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico I observed the unique architecture in more of southern climate. Puerto Vallarta is located on the western coast of Mexico, about half way down the coast. The weather is very tropical and is usually warm and sunny. I believe that this climate type was the inspiration behind the creation of this resort.


The entire floor plan, along with the rest of the hotel was an extremely open concept. From the moment the taxi pulled up in front of the hotel you could see all the way through the hotel to the ocean. I dont mean there were floor to ceiling windows, I mean it was one, huge, open room. The front desk was angled to be facing the ocean directly, but everything else located in the lobby was channeled to flow with the room. The lobby opening was facing west to east, the same as the breeze coming from the ocean.

I think that this open concept worked very well for the hotel and its climate. I think the part that the hotel failed was with the furniture additions. The first 1/3 of the hotel lobby has nothing restricting the walkway. The 2nd third of the floor housed the large sofa that mimicked the lighting element. The last third of the lobby was cluttered with sofas and chairs. This was the part of the hotel that people lingered around, but it was also the hardest to get through. I think that if the bar were relocated the guests could disperse more evenly through out the lobby without the clutter.


This beautiful lighting feature was housed at the entrance of the more upscale restaurant in the resort. It had a dark maroon wall with a black plush leather couch sitting in front. All of the lightbulbs were the Edison bulbs that gave off a more yellow glow. This setting was almost too pretty to be used for a waiting area, I used it just to enjoy the surroundings.

I believe that the resort chose plain wall finishes for a specific reason. The natural greenery and beauty of the Mexican coast was seen through out the entire resort. The designer did not want the wall decorations to take away from the organic nature. The interior elements that attracted the attention were the lighting fixtures. Each area of the hotel had a new beautiful, unique lighting fixture that helped bring the room to life. The designer also thought about the environment of the resort. None of the lights had a stationary base. All of the fixtures had a movable wire connected to the ceiling. This allowed for the wind to create a flow in the room without damaging all of the beautiful lighting.

Overall the design of the resort was completely different than anything I had witnessed. After staying at the resort for a week I understood the reasoning behind the material selections that were chosen and I really enjoyed the atmosphere.

Lighting fixture in the main dining area. Used without light during the day and illuminated at night.

Lighting fixture in the main dining area. Used without light during the day and illuminated at night.

Open atrium in one portion locating the sleeping rooms.

Open atrium in one portion locating the sleeping rooms.

Creative lighting fixture located outside of a nicer restaurant at the resort.

Creative lighting fixture located outside of a nicer restaurant at the resort

Lighting element of design that mirrored the oversized sofa shape on the floor.

Lighting element of design that mirrored the oversized sofa shape on the floor.