Miami Innovation Disctrict

I am not sure what to really think about this article. At a glance I think the concept of having an Innovation District, similar to a Silicon Valley of Florida, seems like a great pull to bring the city together towards one attraction. But as I look at the rendered design I am not sure if I like the complete technology feel of the exterior, an active skin. I think that architecture and design have completely advanced with new technology to be able to create more complex designs, but this building might be taking it a step too far for my liking.

The purpose of the mixed-use district is a success for the area. The article stated that Miami is a hub for beaches, culture, nightlife, art scene and technology. I think that this district will positively impact all of the above items. The building is also planned to have space for retail, office environments, living opportunities and performance and public spaces, a truly mixed-use building. I think the building is positive to be able to take advantage of the Miami weather and design large amounts of indoor/outdoor space.

Overall, I like the usage, but not the design. I am curious as to how the active skin will function. If one part has an issue will the whole area go down? Once one building experiments with actives skins a whole new area of technology in architecture will be introduced. I don’t think that I am familiar enough with futuristic technology to be able to feel comfortable with this design.


Nieminen, Robert. “Miami Innovation Disctrict.” Interiors & Sources. Stamats Communications, Inc., 1 Aug. 2015. Web. 5 Aug. 2015.


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