Week 9

This week had an interesting spin on it. As opposed to working on projects that are nearing an end, I helped with a project that just began. This is a smaller scale office renovation project. Earlier this week was just the second meeting that we have had with the client. During the meeting we walked through their existing space trying to get a feel for how they currently work. We also photographed pieces of furniture that will be making the move. During the meeting that I attended we started to get a feel for what the client was looking for in their space. We did two different exercises thatĀ help us to gauge the feeling the client wants. The first exercise is called dot democracy. During this exercise we print out 20-30 precedent images on a single sheet of paper. The client then has 4 green dots and 2 red dots, they place the green on images they like and the red dots on images they do not like. Afterwards we ask them why they put the dots on the specific images. Usually it is because they liked one aspect of the design or a certain color used. The next exercise that we use is called the contrast study. In this we take several elements such as textural quality, sound quality, appearance, color an many more and create a scale between two opposite images. We ask the client to place a dot where they would like their new space to fall on the spectrum between the opposite images.

I enjoy doing these exercises with the clients because it puts more of a physical look on how their want their new space to be. The clients usually are not designers and don’t know the current design trends. With showing them images they are able to create their new office space in their head. These exercises also help people to voice their opinion. Anyone can say I like this image or I do not like this image, but when asked what you want your new space to look like, not everyone can answer.

This week a few reps took our interiors team our to Top Golf. It was my first time going to the new facility in Overland Park, and it was great! I love playing golf and it was a great atmosphere to get to know the reps and have more personal conversations. The set up is similar to a bowling ally, leading everyone to focus on one person hitting while everyone else can chat around the table.


One thought on “Week 9

  1. kordia says:

    This week sounds like it was a nice change of pace. I always find it so enjoyable to work on the early phases of projects and to be able to listen to and interpret what the client needs versus wants. The dot exercise is great and one that several firms use. I agree that it can be a useful way to get non-designers to join the discussion and weigh in on their desired look and feel. I also think the scale exercise sounds very useful as well! Does each designer have their own image bank or does H+M have one that most of the designers pull from? Were their any images that the client liked that surprised you?

    I am also glad you got to experience Top Golf! It is a fun way to hang out and practice the golf swing.


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