Industry Leadership

This month I attended a Hollis + Miller quarterly Design U presentation. Through my time at Hollis + Miller I have learned how strongly the firm feels about their values. Each quarter Hollis + Miller has presentations called Design U. These presentations are meant to help you learn more about yourself so that you can help the firm through your own personal passions. Design U is a continuing education program while you are employed.

This quarters program was on Industry Leadership. During the program we spent the afternoon at the new JE Dunn headquarters in downtown Kansas City. The building is less then a year old, and it is beautiful! The guest speaker was the president of JE Dunn, Mr. Bill Dunn. He was the son of the founder of JE Dunn. He spoke about the core principles within his own company and specific rules they have stuck by to get the success they have. He had a few simple suggestions for Hollis + Miller. He said the best way to become a well known, successful company is to give back to your community. The more than you give back to your community the more people will hear about your name and the good work that you do. Also the best kind of leadership comes within. Starting from the partners down to the interns. Each person has their own passion that will help the company in some way.

This presentation really helped me to want to find my true passion within design and the work field. I am excited to see how this could help with my studies this next year and the development of my work and designs.


One thought on “Industry Leadership

  1. kordia says:

    This sounds like such an excellent event, and I am really glad that they include interns in these as well. Does it happen during the work day or after hours? It is also nice that you were able to learn from another KC company that has really grown in the past decade. The advice that Mr. Dunn provided also seems very applicable to the design and construction profession and an approach that can be very impactful.

    I hope you do keep this in mind as you continue to work towards your capstone project and have the ability to really refine your research, design, and presentation skills!


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