Week 8

This week felt like production week in the office between deadlines and meetings. The first half of the week I spent detailing construction documents for the two Shawnee Mission Elementary Schools I have been working on for the past week. I am now slowly understanding the whole process of using the schedules and small annotations that make deciphering the construction documents understandable. I was even tasked at one point with going through the drawings and cleaning up dimension and annotations lines as well as checking names of sheets and drawings. I felt as though this was special because my coworkers felt that I had enough talent and knowledge about construction documents to freely make changes as I felt necessary. That studio’s 90% CD set for both schools was due Wednesday. It was just like in studio, the whole team went out for drinks after work!

Tuesday afternoon we had a very interesting company wide leadership self-improvement meeting. The program within Hollis + Miller is called Design U. The focus of this meeting was leadership. (I am going to talk more about this in my monthly events so I don’t want to give too many details away). One awesome thing I learned during this seminar was a way to increase the detail in Revit rendering. Revit cloud renderings can sometimes seem foggy and not clean. If you use a Revit rendering with a line drawing of the same image, the rendering becomes very clear and it is a quick, simple solution.

The second half of the week I went back to the studio that was working on the university fraternity houses. Their 90% drawing set was due Friday afternoon. I was tasked with creating a traditional brick and stone sign for in front of the houses. The sign also had a corinthian column as well as a roof. It will also be used to display upcoming events to the public. This task was interesting because there were a lot of smaller challenges that arose as I was creating the sign. I also have not modeled too much in Revit besides simple building elements. Creating a wall sweep was quite the challenge. The sign was about 2 feet thick, but you were not able to use just one wall for the whole sign. I had to create a new wall that contained just the exterior material to wrap around the whole sign as well as a wall that contained just the inner core. One trick that a veteran had to teach me!

It was a great week to get more and more comfortable within the firm as well as learn many new things!


2 thoughts on “Week 8

  1. eleighcole says:

    That’s great you were able to design a bit this week! Going into the summer, I wasn’t sure how much ‘intern work’ we’d be getting or how often we’d get to touch initial designs. I’m interested to hear how it all turns out!


  2. kordia says:

    It sounds like you had a productive week and have made some progress in the vast amount of tools available in Revit. Custom objects can certainly be frustrating – especially if you know how to easily create it in Rhino or another program. I am glad you have learned how to use sweeps which will come in handy! It is also fun to be part of a team celebration and know that you had a role in completing the CD set.

    I look forward to reading more about the Design U event. I am always so interested to learn how firms take the time to give back or offer learning opportunities for their employees. Leadership is a topic that we can ALL continue to learn more about!


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