Plug ‘N’ Play Offices Impact Design Culture

This article was very interesting because I have never heard of a Plug ‘N’ Play office before. A plug ‘n’ play office is a space that a startup company can rent to use as their office. The members of the renting company have to only provide technology. Furniture and finishes have already been completed.

I think that this service is a very handy from the consumers point of view. It gets the user into a very modern, workable office space that they did not have to design themselves. The offices also seem to be smaller in size, perfect for a startup. I believe that this type of office would also be easy to sell for realtors. Theses spaces have all of the perfect amenities.

A plug ‘n’ play office, I think, would be hard to design from an architects perspective. There isn’t a defined client, although the trend is more in marketing, advertising and technology. The design field is based on the product the client wants, and with these offices there is no client to specifically tell you “yes” and “no.” Most design oriented careers seem to enjoy more of a modern aesthetic; exposed ceilings, open collaboration spaces, solid wood furniture. All of the previous are also very expensive. Prices poses as another issues, there is not a client to tell you what you can eliminate and what needs to stay. I think that this could be a very interesting project for a new or younger employee at a firm. There isn’t too many constraints, and open to new design trends. I think I would enjoy working on a project of this type.


Interiors & Sources. “Plug ‘N’ Play Offices Impact Design Culture.” Plug ‘N’ Play Offices Impact Design Culture. Stamats Communications Inc., 1 June 2015. Web. 22 July 2015. <;.


3 thoughts on “Plug ‘N’ Play Offices Impact Design Culture

  1. I agree that the ‘Plug and Play’ concept is really interesting and would be challenging from a design standpoint. Have you heard of workspaces that not only companies, but individuals such as remote workers can rent out on a daily/monthly basis? I have recently been looking into it as a potential thesis topic and I think it would pair nicely with the Plug n Play idea!


    • kcastinado says:

      I have never heard of anything that you could rent on a daily/monthly basis. I feel like that would be an individual Plug N Play. It almost reminds me of people that go to a public library to do their work. That space would be very interesting to design.


  2. kordia says:

    This is has been a huge trend in cities with large tech or creative communities. I have sat in on several studio reviews at UT that were looking at coworking spaces (same concept), but you can rent as an individual similar to what Emma mentioned. There are lots of benefits to having a space with shared amenities and opportunities for collaboration with other freelance, contract, or start up companies. I am currently working on a project that is designed for one specific start-up, but they are going to lease out 8 desks as part of a coworking offering to help offset their monthly lease costs. As people are becoming more mobile and able to work remotely, I think this trend will be something we continue to see evolve.


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