Week 7

Wow. I cannot believe that I have been at Hollis + Miller for 7 weeks now, summer flys by even faster when you are learning so much! This week I was able to move to another set of projects to help before deadlines. I have been able to help the interiors team with two elementary schools in the Kansas City area through several phases now. I helped in the selection of some materials, ordering samples, and material board layouts.

I enjoyed this week because I was creating new sheets, not fixing redlines, for the construction document set. I learned about many new kinds of sheets as well. I created control joint sheets and helped decipher where they should be placed. I created cubbies and marker boards for many classrooms. The 75% CD was due towards the end of the week so adding smaller details to all of the plans was a constant trend.

I also dealt with creating new kinds of tags inside of a Revit document. I was able to sit down with the partner that creates many small, specific details in Revit, and create a new tagging option for room tags. I learned that you are able to create certain specifications for the actual room tag that can be used on the room sign located outside of the room. The fact that we were able to create a material tag for these objects helped greatly through the project. I never realized how important one small aspect can be to one project.

Through my internship I have also started to become a lot more comfortable around all of my coworkers. I am also proud of how well I have started to do at crossword puzzles. They really take a lot of practice to understand each clue. I have also been talking at lunch to some past K-State graduates. It is nice to compare classes as well as ask advice for certain projects or even for my portfolio. Small school focuses can never escape the back of my mind even through summer.


2 thoughts on “Week 7

  1. kordia says:

    I cannot believe it is week 7 either! I am also glad to hear you are getting different types of experiences pertaining to CDs. In my opinion, creating sheets and details are much more enjoyable than picking up redlines. I am also confident you are learning much more about building construction if you are detailing items like expansion joints!

    The amount of information that can be input to Revit is endless, and it is great that you are learning some of the ways to make the schedule functions useful. I have found that each firm seems to utilize some of these functions differently, but it makes sense to have as much info in a BIM program as possible rather than working in Excel or secondary programs.

    Crosswords are great at keeping your mind sharp and to think outside of the box. I am always amazed by people who can sit down and work an entire newspaper crossword puzzle. Hopefully this will be something you can continue during school too (or maybe as a class activity)! Chatting with alums is always useful to be able to bridge IAPD and the profession. Are they fairly recent grads or is there a range?


    • kcastinado says:

      We actually have a few that have graduated this past year and the year before. We also have employees who have been out of school for 5+ year, and then employees my parents age that graduated from K-State.


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