Week 6

This week was hectic, I had an insight to several new things besides new Revit functions. Currently at Hollis + Miller each team is somewhere around a 50% mark for their project. I was able to help out with most of these projects in a few different ways.

The beginning of the week I was able to help with material boards. I was in constant contact with local reps to make sure that we had enough samples for the boards. With our luck we counted too short, but I was able to get the materials to the office in time. While creating the boards some of the designers were talking about the best way to display different materials and how to fabricate the physical board. I now understand that Hollis + Miller has a beginning standard for creating the boards, but it has not been updated in quite some time and is in the process of being revamped. That is one helpful part of being an intern, bringing fresh ideas to the table and also using other ideas to apply to school.

A new process that I helped to make happen was the signing of a document set. I am sure that each firm is different, but it was an interesting process to watch. At Hollis + Miller all of the documents have to simply be shown so that the architects stamp can be seen on every page as they go through and sign each sheet. Personally I dont think I could writ my name that many times in a row.

The second half of the week I continued to help with different Revit documents. I was able to help the team with simpler tasks that needed to be done. It now makes realize how much I missed on each checkpoint for  my construction documents for BCSIA. I was learned how to input many different architectural details and make many annotations that are very helpful.

Overall I have learned how to multitask and stay busy. With so many different projects always going on, multitasking is necessary to be able to help out with many different tasks. This is a common trait in the working world but I think this week I had to multitask as best as I could.


2 thoughts on “Week 6

  1. kordia says:

    It is always a challenge when multiple projects at the same schedule – especially 50% where there seems like there is so much to be done!

    Were there any specific ideas for displaying materials you found useful? We don’t often make full material boards in IAPD, so I know if can be a challenge during internships. I am glad to hear that the reps were able to come through for you and get the samples you need.

    I can’t imagine having to sign my name that much either! Every firm I have worked at has the registered architects stamp with signature scanned and just gets dropped in to the titleblock file. Did they end up going this route?

    The amount of details needed in a real CD set always amazes me. For some projects, it seems like every single connection needs to be detailed. I knew very little about detailing going into my internship, but spent a lot of time on millwork details which really has benefited me! Does H+M have standard details you are working from or are you creating new ones in Revit?


    • kcastinado says:

      The general information I learned in our Materials and Finishes class helped to display the more dominate materials larger than the others.
      Hollis and Miller still does document signing the old way, a stamp with a pen! haha
      I am creating most of the details from scratch in Revit, but thankfully there are many projects that are similar to be a good example for what I need to accomplish. I’m learning more and more every day!


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