For Adults, Coloring Invites Creativity And Brings Comfort


All of the articles that I have read up to this point pull me in starting with the title. I am very interesting in how creativity can activate other feelings or moods in a physical manor. This article is right up that ally. This article is one person’s personal experience with how coloring has helped her and research she has discovered through her new interest in coloring.

The article states that a university science professor created a coloring book for her students to learn concepts of the class. This is how the author found her love for coloring again. Adult style coloring books are used as a form of meditation and learning. It is a physical and visual style of learning that people can have a personal interaction with. Is it considered meditative because of the physical sensation created when you are holding the pen in your hand and fill in space. The repetitive movement can be meditative.

I think that coloring could have been an excellent way for me to learn. While I study I usually write things over and over, I am more of a physical learner. I think that with the repetition of coloring and reading something more visually appealing then text I could learn better. I also believe that this method of learning or meditation only works on certain types of people. This method is for the visual learner that likes to constantly be moving and doing something. I think it is a concept though completely worth trying.

King, Barbara J. “For Adults, Coloring Invites Creativity And Brings Comfort.” NPR. NPR, 11 June 2015. Web. 09 July 2015. <;.


2 thoughts on “For Adults, Coloring Invites Creativity And Brings Comfort

  1. kordia says:

    It is sad that most of us stop coloring in elementary school and apart from art or graphics courses, even designers do not color that often. I like the idea of an adult coloring book to commit a certain topic to memory. There is a lot of research related to visual thinking and the art of drawing does help to move thoughts into different fields so they can be studied or analyzed in new ways. I have also read that we tend to remember things better if we have a mental picture of them. I know I am a visual learner and if I can see or draw a diagram of a thing or process, I will remember it much more. It would be interesting if we could use the concept of coloring for studying in any of our IAPD core classes…


  2. This is a really interesting article! I learn the same way as you, by writing it over and over. I also find myself doodling while thinking hard or daydreaming. I can also relate to the repetitive movement of coloring being comforting; it reminds me of graphite renderings we did for Visual Communication in second year. I wish this concept was something that could be more integrated into education and work environments, since it could benefit many designers!


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