Week 5

This week I think I really took advantage of the work Architecture in Interior Architecture and Product Design. Not only did I continue to help with the smaller college fraternity house redlines, but I also took on several architectural details. I was able to help calculate the roof slopes and use those to figure out the needed gutter and down spout size. I was using equations that I needed during our Structures classes.. and the problems were still difficult.

Towards the end of the week I started ordering more samples to help create more material boards at the beginning of next week. This time I believe that I will have more of an impact on the layout of the boards due to all of the materials used. I am looking forward to the collaboration with the other interior designer.

I am still amazed every week with how much I have learned in school. I am also amazed at how much work the architects and interior designers are able to give me. As an internship is supposed to do, I feel as though with my last two years of schooling I will be very prepared for the work field.


One thought on “Week 5

  1. kordia says:

    It is always VERY nice to find a direct application for the concepts and calculations you have learned so far in school. Did you have to give yourself any type of refresher on the calculations or did the firm have formulas/software for this?

    What project are you ordering samples for? I hope you do have more freedom to layout the boards. Make sure you photograph them when you are done for your own record and feel free to share them on your blog!


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