First time for First Friday

This month one event that I have been wanting to attend for the past two years is Friday Friday’s all through Downtown Kansas City. I have lived in Kansas City my whole life and I was fortunate enough to be able to attend my very first First Friday. It is a multicultural arts event that happens Friday – Sunday during the first weekend of every month.

I was able to attend the event with my parents on a Friday night after work. Little did we know that there were events in the Kansas City West Bottoms an in the Arts District in downtown. Thankfully we were meeting friends at the event and went to the wrong location so I was able to experience both events.

The West Bottoms First Friday had a lot of restoration stores open. We walked through quite a few shops that had mostly antiques, but also for a creative eye a world of opportunities. I had so many different “Pinterest projects” flashing through my head, but also great furniture for a cute little house or for a college student. All of the shops are in the main floor of old warehouse buildings. There were also several food trucks parked along the street. People would wander from warehouse to warhorse until their found exactly what they were looking for. It was peaceful for a Friday evening in the summer.

The Arts District in downtown was a lot more lively then the West Bottoms. There were three times as many people waling the streets in downtown then the West Bottoms. A majority of the art included open art galleries and smaller live bands. We were able to see several street performers and food trucks as well. One of the my favorite art galleries that we walked through was using full scale elements such as bikes and vines and flowers to create several nature scenes.

My favorite thing that can be applied to creativity, art and design is the willingness to be different. Each piece of art is different than the next and I love to see what art means to the creator. Just as paintings buildings are an architects work of art for people to see.



IMG_9390 IMG_9387 IMG_9386




2 thoughts on “First time for First Friday

  1. kordia says:

    I have heard great things about First Fridays, and it is fun that you were able to go after having grown up in KC! Are the warehouse stores open normal business hours or just during First Fridays? If the photos you have are from these spaces, it really does look like there is an eclectic mix of antiques and restored furniture. These types of events are such a nice way to experience resurging parts of the city that have really been founded on creativity. Hopefully you will get to go again next month.


    • kcastinado says:

      I believe that some of warehouses are still open for everyday business hours, but First Fridays are equivalent to their monthly sale. Unfortunately being in Manhattan for school doesn’t help my chances of going, but I will definitely make it back.


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