Week 4

Week 4 was one of my slower weeks. Although this week I added more chunk of knowledge to the precious tasks that I have completed. This week I got to complete redlines one two different projects. Both of these projects were in the later stages so it was interesting to make changes to 80% CDs. Both of the projects were in the higher education studio so it was interesting to see what other colleges were doing to update their own campus.

One campus was creating a new recreation/ dorm building. I was able to apply materials to the exterior of the building as well as create pattern and texture with materials within the available budget. I have learned that one of the biggest tasks within education is staying within the budget. As designers we like to reach for the stars when it comes to the products we use. The education sector really helps to actually think creatively with how you  make the most of the smaller budget available.

I was able to use a lot of the skills this week that I learned in BCSIA while I was editing the redlines. I remember in class the “new host” button was my savior while remodeling the kitchen and moving appliances around. This button again was my savior for both of the projects.

I am starting to also become more comfortable with everyone in the office. This week lots of treats were brought in so I believe that everyone was on a constant sugar rush all week, boosting the mood.



2 thoughts on “Week 4

  1. kordia says:

    Slower weeks can be a nice change of pace – especially if you feel comfortable with the tasks you are completing. I agree that it is interesting to see projects going on at other schools/universities and to learn about how materials, color, and brand may be integrated in these. Budget almost always is a driver on every project, but you are right that it can especially be a focus of educational work that has very set project budgets. Where were the patterns/textures created? Was it just digital or did you get to come up with some flooring or wall patterns?

    I am always happy to hear when student see a direct application for the various topics we covered in BCSIA :-).

    The treats and snacks at firms never cease to amaze me. When I started at Gensler we joked about the Gensler 15 because there is always SO much food! Just one of the other perks of being in the professional world.


    • kcastinado says:

      The patterns were just created with a siding material as opposed to brick in areas by exterior windows. The person I was helping felt uncomfortable applying the material so late in CDs, she didn’t want to mess anything else. I was not able to choose any material for the interior, just fix how the exterior looked.

      I think it would be hard to be an older architect and have to get into using Revit when you are unfamiliar.


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