Design is…

Design is.. as important as technology, brand, simplicity, timeless, the details, empathy made tangible, intent and thoughtful.

This article emphasized every point perfectly that I believe we deal with and strive to work towards every day in any design field. It spoke about the process that CEO’s and technology company strive for in bettering their brand. The first step is perfecting the mechanics of how the product is made, then improving the physical look to speak to the purpose of the users. Design is brand and creating all of the company products with the same design elements carried through the generations. Design is simplicity, it may take companies, such as Google, 15 years to make their homepage “simple.”

Each of the different points under Design is.. is something that I believe designers, and students in any design field, assess every time a new project is issued. This article reminds me of our studio project from Spring of 2015. There were so many different aspects to our restaurant retail store that we had to start designing simply in the beginning before we could add the smaller intricate details.

I believe that this article would be perfect for a CEO to understand because all of these definitions of what design is cannot be achieved in a few weeks or even a year. These are company goals to set and be achieved years into the future. I completely agree with the subheading of this article stating, “what CEOs should know about design.”

Au, Irene. “DESIGN Is…” Medium. N.p., 20 May 2014. Web. 22 June 2015. <;.


One thought on “Design is…

  1. kordia says:

    You are correct that the topic/definition of design is something those of us who practice it daily understand and value. However, it is very interesting to me that some CEOs or business owners still do not understand the power of design and may cut or reduce a products design to attempt to save money or improve their bottom line. I think that many of the current consumers, especially millennials, value design and have created brand loyalty because of factors like simplicity, interface, technology, etc. (think Apple). Another important aspect of this for CEO’s is to understand the importance of the design-thinking process which brings new perspectives to problem solving!


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