Week 3

This week getting back into the swing of work after a week vacation in Mexico was a little tough but knowing that I had a specific task to complete helped. My main task this week was completing quite a few finish boards for a presentation later in the week. This task seems fairly simple, but all of the interiors ladies on the project and the head of interiors were all at Neocon. This made the quick, simple questions a bit more difficult and lead to some problem solving. After taking some time to figure out what needed to be done I was able to work on the task.

There was something special to me about going to work at the beginning of each day and knowing exactly what I was going to work on all day. The first few weeks were a bit tough with filling the day with consistent tasks. I enjoyed the finish  boards because they reminded me about materials and finishes class, which I really enjoyed. It was also a great feeling to see some of the materials that I helped select the week before be placed on boards to be presented to a client.

The second half of the week I was able to help out with some other smaller tasks. I helped to update Hollis + Miller’s Internal Connect website. It is a WordPress website that is similar to an office newsletter that is always being updated with new company information. It was really interesting to work with WordPress because I am familiar from school but after the work I was doing I realized that my own personal WordPress pages haven’t even scraped the surface of the site.

As my tasks through the firm as constantly changing, I have come to enjoy the “smaller” firm atmosphere. I have been able to assist in projects in the interiors, architecture, graphics, and marketing departments. I believe that all of these tasks are interconnected and I think they will help me with designing projects and project boards in the future.



4 thoughts on “Week 3

  1. kordia says:

    I always find it hard getting back into my work routine after a vacation, but agree that it is nice when you know what the week holds for you. Hopefully you will also get a download of the cool new products and furniture introduced at NeoCon (I didn’t go this year, but saw some photos of really interesting stuff)!

    What type of format does Hollis + Miller use for their finish boards? Do they have a standard or does it vary between projects? How do they approach labeling finishes or calling out locations? Make sure to take some photographs of the finished product if you have not done so yet.

    I am glad you are getting exposure to all of the various aspects of an architecture and design firm. The marketing and graphics work is a key part of the business and as you mentioned is very interconnected. Does the marketing group primarily work in Photoshop, InDesign, etc.?


  2. kcastinado says:

    Two different formats can be used for the finish boards, a physical foam core board or a spiral bound notebook with samples. For the bound books there is a standard but I think it varies with the actual boards. I believe the layout likes to stay as similar as possible but there are a lot of different materials that are needed used through each project.

    The marketing department mainly used InDesign because it has the most layout capabilites out of all the Adobe programs. The marketing group focuses mostly on presentation boards and in house marketing.


  3. eleighcole says:

    How big is Hollis + Miller? I’ve loved being in a larger firm so far (Corgan’s Dallas office has 350 people). But! Being able to work with graphics and marketing and in multiple teams is very enticing. I’ve mainly been working on construction documents, so that’s great to see you’ve gotten to be involved with other tasks! Have you learned more on Adobe programs or have you felt prepared?


    • kcastinado says:

      Hollis + Miller has around 70 split between two offices. The OP office has about 50 people. I have felt prepared with all of my Adobe programs, but I also came into college feeling comfortable with them. Its crazy to think that I am able to do the same level of work as someone in the working world.


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