Week 1 + Week 2

Starting work last week was like getting back into an old habit. I was fortunate enough to be accepted an internship offer that I had already previously been a part of. This took away all of my nervousness that could potentially exist. My experience was positive in that I knew the way the office ran and recognized almost everyones friendly faces. It was also positive in that I was able to pick up on the work that I left off at during winter break.

This work included condensing the materials library by 75%. Hollis + Miller is in a current “trash to move locations” phase. This summer the library work has consisted of removing old and unwanted binders. This process was much more extensive then I originally imagined. Most manufacturer reps want their company’s product binder back to save money and to reuse materials. Each rep was contacted by phone or email to give them a notification about our cleaning and their binder status. This was my first experience personally intreating with manufacturer reps. I have gained a great amount of respect for the type of work that they do. I have also been contacting reps to order materials for different design board for interiors presentations. My task that I have enjoyed the most was selecting finished for a renovation of a middle school. I was given the outlines of the project and free reigns from there. I was very overwhelmed because as much as I had learned in school I did not know where to begin. After a day or two of searching for the perfect carpet and upholstery patterns I had put together my first offical materials palette.

During my previous experience at Hollis + Miller I don’t believe I utilized the office environment to the fullest. It reminds of being back at studio in a way. When the 12:00 lunch hour hits most people stand in line to warm up their previous nights leftover meals, something I have done countless times in studio. The office environment is open within different teams. I always see different designers at other coworkers desks helping them complete a project or solve a problem. The atmosphere at Hollis + Miller, to me, is the perfect amount of laid back individuals collaborating because of their love of design. In the beginning I did not know if I would like working at a smaller firm, but as each day passes I come to the realization that this could be the perfect fit for me.


2 thoughts on “Week 1 + Week 2

  1. kordia says:

    It is always great coming back to a place that is comfortable, and I am sure they will put your skillset you gained this last semester to good use! I am sure you are finding out what great resources product reps can be and my guess is you will get to know several of the lines very well with your work in the library. Remember to be snapping photos of your work too – it is always fun for us to see the materials palette too!

    I am not as familiar with Hollis + Miller…how many people are in this office? What type of projects do they do? I look forward to learning more about them throughout the summer.


  2. kcastinado says:

    Hollis + Miller is a firm of about 75 people, 50 of which are in the Overland Park office. Their main focus is on learning environments, a majority of local school districts.

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