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Week 4

Week 4 was one of my slower weeks. Although this week I added more chunk of knowledge to the precious tasks that I have completed. This week I got to complete redlines one two different projects. Both of these projects were in the later stages so it was interesting to make changes to 80% CDs. Both of the projects were in the higher education studio so it was interesting to see what other colleges were doing to update their own campus.

One campus was creating a new recreation/ dorm building. I was able to apply materials to the exterior of the building as well as create pattern and texture with materials within the available budget. I have learned that one of the biggest tasks within education is staying within the budget. As designers we like to reach for the stars when it comes to the products we use. The education sector really helps to actually think creatively with how you  make the most of the smaller budget available.

I was able to use a lot of the skills this week that I learned in BCSIA while I was editing the redlines. I remember in class the “new host” button was my savior while remodeling the kitchen and moving appliances around. This button again was my savior for both of the projects.

I am starting to also become more comfortable with everyone in the office. This week lots of treats were brought in so I believe that everyone was on a constant sugar rush all week, boosting the mood.



Does it come in black?

This article was not what I was expecting while reading the title, but I completely understand the purpose of the article. The author talks about struggling with the decision of what to wear every morning because she has so many options in her closet. She was used to a boarding school uniform every day until she entered the working world. With opting to only wear black clothes the author decreases the amount of options and regret she has with her outfit every day. The author states that because she works in a design profession, making design decisions every day, she has “design fatigue.” Thus allowing her to focus her decision making on more important things such as her job.

This is very interesting to me. I completely understand the difficulty of choosing an outfit to wear every day after wearing a school uniform from K-12th grade. I also understand the amount of decisions that are needed daily for a profession in the design field, but I have never thought about “design fatigue.” I think that the concept makes complete sense. I am aware that in the design profession every decision is very important and builds off one another. I am also aware that I can make design decisions for work a lot easier then personal decisions.

I think the answer to my indecisiveness also could be found in this article. Don’t give yourself as many options, thus making your decision easier. This is why the author only wore black. I also believe that your work shows in what you do, and not necessarily how you dress. The other stated examples of fashion designers and their monotonous clothing choices while designing spectacular lines for other people.

In the design industry I believe that we put more time and effort into our work then ourselves. We want our work to be cutting-edge and top of the line, while we put ourselves on the back burner sometimes.


Holbrook, Tanya. “Does It Come in Black? One Opinion on Why Designers Only Wear Black.” Medium. 101 Advertising, 08 May 2015. Web. 26 June 2015.

View story at

Design is…

Design is.. as important as technology, brand, simplicity, timeless, the details, empathy made tangible, intent and thoughtful.

This article emphasized every point perfectly that I believe we deal with and strive to work towards every day in any design field. It spoke about the process that CEO’s and technology company strive for in bettering their brand. The first step is perfecting the mechanics of how the product is made, then improving the physical look to speak to the purpose of the users. Design is brand and creating all of the company products with the same design elements carried through the generations. Design is simplicity, it may take companies, such as Google, 15 years to make their homepage “simple.”

Each of the different points under Design is.. is something that I believe designers, and students in any design field, assess every time a new project is issued. This article reminds me of our studio project from Spring of 2015. There were so many different aspects to our restaurant retail store that we had to start designing simply in the beginning before we could add the smaller intricate details.

I believe that this article would be perfect for a CEO to understand because all of these definitions of what design is cannot be achieved in a few weeks or even a year. These are company goals to set and be achieved years into the future. I completely agree with the subheading of this article stating, “what CEOs should know about design.”

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Week 3

This week getting back into the swing of work after a week vacation in Mexico was a little tough but knowing that I had a specific task to complete helped. My main task this week was completing quite a few finish boards for a presentation later in the week. This task seems fairly simple, but all of the interiors ladies on the project and the head of interiors were all at Neocon. This made the quick, simple questions a bit more difficult and lead to some problem solving. After taking some time to figure out what needed to be done I was able to work on the task.

There was something special to me about going to work at the beginning of each day and knowing exactly what I was going to work on all day. The first few weeks were a bit tough with filling the day with consistent tasks. I enjoyed the finish  boards because they reminded me about materials and finishes class, which I really enjoyed. It was also a great feeling to see some of the materials that I helped select the week before be placed on boards to be presented to a client.

The second half of the week I was able to help out with some other smaller tasks. I helped to update Hollis + Miller’s Internal Connect website. It is a WordPress website that is similar to an office newsletter that is always being updated with new company information. It was really interesting to work with WordPress because I am familiar from school but after the work I was doing I realized that my own personal WordPress pages haven’t even scraped the surface of the site.

As my tasks through the firm as constantly changing, I have come to enjoy the “smaller” firm atmosphere. I have been able to assist in projects in the interiors, architecture, graphics, and marketing departments. I believe that all of these tasks are interconnected and I think they will help me with designing projects and project boards in the future.


Week 1 + Week 2

Starting work last week was like getting back into an old habit. I was fortunate enough to be accepted an internship offer that I had already previously been a part of. This took away all of my nervousness that could potentially exist. My experience was positive in that I knew the way the office ran and recognized almost everyones friendly faces. It was also positive in that I was able to pick up on the work that I left off at during winter break.

This work included condensing the materials library by 75%. Hollis + Miller is in a current “trash to move locations” phase. This summer the library work has consisted of removing old and unwanted binders. This process was much more extensive then I originally imagined. Most manufacturer reps want their company’s product binder back to save money and to reuse materials. Each rep was contacted by phone or email to give them a notification about our cleaning and their binder status. This was my first experience personally intreating with manufacturer reps. I have gained a great amount of respect for the type of work that they do. I have also been contacting reps to order materials for different design board for interiors presentations. My task that I have enjoyed the most was selecting finished for a renovation of a middle school. I was given the outlines of the project and free reigns from there. I was very overwhelmed because as much as I had learned in school I did not know where to begin. After a day or two of searching for the perfect carpet and upholstery patterns I had put together my first offical materials palette.

During my previous experience at Hollis + Miller I don’t believe I utilized the office environment to the fullest. It reminds of being back at studio in a way. When the 12:00 lunch hour hits most people stand in line to warm up their previous nights leftover meals, something I have done countless times in studio. The office environment is open within different teams. I always see different designers at other coworkers desks helping them complete a project or solve a problem. The atmosphere at Hollis + Miller, to me, is the perfect amount of laid back individuals collaborating because of their love of design. In the beginning I did not know if I would like working at a smaller firm, but as each day passes I come to the realization that this could be the perfect fit for me.

Illuminated Carpet

Wayfinding is a problem that needs to be solved with every new development. Philips Lighting has created new carpet tiles to be used with wayfinding, colors, patterns and even the news.

Philips Lighting has created with Desso carpet manufacturer to create the “Luminous tiles.” Both of these company’s are constantly looking for innovative ways to push the boundaries creating a natural working relationship. Philips has already implemented LEDs onto many different surfaces and textiles, making carpet an oncoming option. This carpet will be soon available in the second quarter of 2015.

The successful method behind the illuminated tiles lies in the carpet backing. For most generic carpets a black backing is used to help fill in the color spotting. This carpet has an LED backing that allows light to shine through the carpet. This allows for now wiring or bulking equipment to be in the way of foot traffic.

Illuminated carpet has been used so far in places such as banks, office lobbies and hospitality buildings. It is a way to increase wayfinding and also provide users with quick knowledge facts. I believe this product could be a hit in the correct applications. As long as the prices are competitive, it could be a new contender for wayfinding techniques.

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